We were at an incredible high. She was my euphoric pleasure. I delved into her ocean and just like that she was my world. I broke my promise to her and she rained. And my heart ran over with regret for a year. And in that time my world was broken. Our love was stolen.

He couldn't resist him and his snake like charm. And his snake was charming. His tongue was silver and the soil his intentions grew from were vile. The boy never knew things would be so different.

I noticed we weren't going anywhere real fast. We wanted different things. We grew apart and like ice we grew colder. Months later he came chasing after the footprints I left in the snow.
Some of the things I write are highly personal. I’m sure you can tell which.
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Desert of Queer I

I am lonely…
But all I see is sand for miles.
I crave something
an affection that many do not offer
I carry something many want from me
A beautiful reflection in a shallow puddle of water
I am
I travel this desert we call queer in search for someone like me
More like me than just the knapsacks we both carry
We wander
The ones I pass by only want to diminish my worth
And this one did
Wrong as they are I deny them my glory
Tempted I am, I sleep alone
For a moment
Watch where you lie for the snakes are deadly
I am toxic to the touch and the eye
To what extent would you wish me suffer
My vanity is all that’s left to plunder.
My blood is verminous so put me under
Is it too soon?
Now of all times
The now, I do not live in any-longer
The future is somewhere in the barren sand sea
So as I sit alone in the saddened sand sea I grow weary
I need the water of physical affection and the food of a mental connection
Tis my food for thought
Oh how I feel so dreary
Is what I want so different from what I need?
I’m walking in this desert and I can hardly breathe
There is no one for me here
The lust of it all is unbearable
I hate it
This life is but a fairytale with no happy ending
I’m waiting
I have not many pages left to turn
Do I?

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When's your birthday? Age?

July 13. I’m 20 =)

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